Little Big City 2 Hack Unlimited Diamonds & Money

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Do you like to be stopped during an adventurous game playing moment? Personally, I don’t like to stop during a game. But this game will stop suddenly and ask the gamer to purchase new tools to build either infrastructures or armory. To buy them, you will have to gather as much diamonds & money as you can.

If you have finished the available resources and want to advance to the next level at a fast pace, just use the Little Big City 2 Hack. It can generate unlimited resources to your account and give you the freedom to decorate the city at the gamer’s will. The hack helps in building a link between the game database of Gameloft and the account. This will automatically generate resources.




Though hack saves your money and time, some of you may not like this item. But this is certainly not an executable program. It reduces the requisite of money spent in-app purchase. Most of the gamers are student and this hack will simply cost zero for them. The best point of using the tool is hassle-free usage. There is no need of installing on the device.

Being unique in design, the Little Big City 2 Hack is completely safe. It connects in a secured connection and does not import any malware or dangerous program on the gadget.

About the Game

Playing games is not bound in personal computer or playstations anymore. With the fast growing rate of mobile users, the rate of mobile gamer has also increased. The virtual world has become a parallel world for every gamer. Getting involved in a battle is not only a fun now, but also an experience for lifetime. You can now simply spend your leisure in building an island and destroying the enemy islands. This is the new craze!

Actually, most of the mobile games have become our favorite friend in the free time. For example, it is difficult to spend a day without racing in the Need For Speed track. Playing with pokemon in Pokemon Go game has been tremendous. Some old games like Farmville is same popular as before. We can talk about Sim City in this discussion too. Taking the popularity of the game in concern, the Gameloft developers have brought to you the Little Big City 2. The developers have already gifted us several blockbuster games like Asphalt and Modern Combat. So, it is better to trust on them.

The Little Big City 2 allows the player to build his own island. The world of virtual reality gives you an opportunity to decorate a whole new island at the player’s will. The central character of the game for guiding the player is called the Mayor. He will guide the player for controlling the city. In every stage, the Mayor will help you in finding the proper way.

If you ask about the graphics, I will say amazing! The whole presentation was outstanding. You may have the experience of playing mobile games with high graphics quality. This sort of game heats up the battery. Ultimately, the powering source of the phone will get damaged. You will be glad to know the required size of the game. It will cover only 25 megabytes of the storage and the game runs smoothly with it. After a full installation, the whole setup will eat 50 MB of the ROM.

While playing, the gamer has a chance to visit other islands and observe the skills of that particular city owner. To get into the next level, the gamer has to pass some screens and unlock several locations. You can also buy some required tools in the game. The only annoying thing about the game is advertisement. It redirects the gamer to another page which may not be related to the game. That’s why, I love the games with less in-app purchases.

How it works



  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Money
  • Automatic Update
  • No download needed/24/7 online access
  • Not of root(Android) or jailbreak(iOS) is required.
  • Support All Devices
  • Anti-Ban System for the security of your account(you will never get banned)
  • Connection Encryption Script
  • Easy-to-use Interface

Why You Must Bring the Hack On

At first, you want to continue the game until it ends. The hack gives the actual continuation and frees you from spending the item-purchasing price. By having this tool while playing the game, you can simply skip the message of buying resources from stores. Also, there is no such limit for availing Diamonds & Money to for the game. The resource generating process is actually limitless.

The second reason of getting our hack is reaching at an advanced stage before your friends. The total building process gives an opportunity to make the island more beautiful. When you get connected with the others, they can see how much the island have improved. This will make you proud and they will follow you. This will be possible if you have enough resources in hands.

If you ask me the third reason, I would like to say something about the security. Using our hack ensures the user about full-safety of the device. As you need no installation or download, your gadget will be perfectly safe from malicious programs like Trojan or spyware.

Fourthly, the hack does not require much space for generating resources on the account. The lightness of the device will remain the same as it was.

The last point and reason of getting our Little Big City 2 Hack is the availability and compatibility. It has been tested on every platforms and ran successfully. If you are an iOS or Android user, collect it from the stores.


Hack makes a game easier to the gamer. But you need to use it in a limit. Otherwise, the profile or account may get suspended or banned. Do not let the database to trace anything unusual with your gaming account. Create a city in the island, be the master of your plan and enjoy. Have a nice day!
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